Vision of the MG Patient Registry

The vision of the MG Patient Registry is to support the MGFA vision of “a world without MG”, while aiding in the improvement of care and quality of life for persons with myasthenia gravis and their families. The MG Patient Registry is designed to:

  • Offer a confidential means for patients to provide information that will be useful to medical/research communities in assessment of disease course, use of various therapies, and estimation of disease costs.
  • Provide a system for investigators to gauge the potential for trial recruitment and to communicate with patients directly about potential research investigations, while respecting their privacy.
  • Educate patients, caregivers, non-expert health care providers, and funding entities about MG through the use of various media.  For example, a newsletter with articles about research findings and other topics relevant to individuals with MG will be sent to participants annually.

Email: || Phone: (855) 337-8633 toll free

*MG Patient Registry Committee Members
Henry Kaminski, MD
Chair, Department of Neurology, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Services
Ted Burns, MD
Department of Neurology, University of Virginia
Don Sanders, MD
Division of Neurology, Duke University Medical Center
Gil Wolfe, MD, FAAN
Irvin and Rosemary Smith Professor and Chair, Department of Neurology/ Jacobs Neurological Institute, State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Buffalo General Medical Center
Jennifer Faucett, Esq.
Board Member, MGFA and MG Patient
Edward Walsh
Chair, MGFA