The Mysathenia Gravis Patient Registry facilitates MG research by offering the registry as a resource for collaborators and by conducting and publishing research based on registry data. The MG Patient Registry provides support for researchers wanting to:

  • recruit patients with MG for research studies
  • collect data not previously captured in the registry
  • access de-identified MG Patient Registry data

Through initial enrollment surveys and bi-annual updates, demographics, medical history, functionality, co-morbidities, providers, therapies, symptom progression and areas of MG research interest are collected.


  • Demographics (race, education, age, etc.)
  • MG Medical History (diagnosis, initial symptoms)
  • Other Health Conditions
  • Immunotherapies and medications (past and current)
  • Exacerbations
  • Providers
  • Family history
  • Functionality
  • Lifestyle and Quality of Life

Bi-annual Updates:

  • Demographics (insurance, employment, disability, etc.)
  • Other conditions (current)
  • Immunotherapies and medications (current)
  • Exacerbations (recent)
  • Providers (update)
  • Family history (update)
  • Functionality (current)
  • Lifestyle and Quality of Life
  • Others, such as effects of chronic conditions on MG, smooth muscle symptoms, cognition, and restless leg syndrome

To learn more about how you can collaborate with the MG Patient Registry, please contact the team (see the “Contact Us” page for details).


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